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The Latest Question:

The average person does this by 11am every day. What is it?


Uses their first curse word of the day


More Recent Questions:

Q. Dog owners do this more often than people without pets. What is it?

A. Laugh


Q. 53% of Americans have never gone 24 hours without…what?

A. Their cell phone


Q. 65% of us do this at home without telling their spouse. What is it?

A. Change the thermostat temperature


Q. 41% of us say that this was our favorite outdoor activy as a kid. What is it?

A. Going to the playground


Q. What is the one part of the body that cannot heal itself?

A. Teeth


Q. What is the number one item stolen from a co-worker out of the office refrigerator?

A. Pizza


Q. 28% of us say we do this before going on vacation. What is it?

A. Get a haircut


Q. At any given moment, 50 million people are doing this. What is it?

A. Getting drunk


Q. A poll found the average person has three of these they wear in rotation. What are they?

A. Sunglasses


Q. 46% of singles want to know this about someone before going on a date with them. What is it?

A. Their astrological sign


Q. In a recent survey, one third of people said they lied to get out of this. What is it?

A. A wedding


Q. This will happen to about 20 percent of drivers today. What is it? 

A. Low fuel light comes on


Q. The average American has 725 of these. What are they?

A. Contacts in their phone


Q. 40 percent of us have secretly done this at work when no one was looking. What is it?

A. Adjust the thermostat


Q. Ride one of these 100,000 times and you might get stuck once.  What is it?

A. An elevator