Brain Buzz

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The Latest Question:

In 1986, it’s estimated 1 in 4 American homes had one of these. What is it?


A Waterbed


Mandy Lisowski of Springville


More Recent Questions:

Q. Nearly 40% of adults are tired of these and would like to see less of them in 2020. What are they?

A. Gender reveal parties


Q. 60% of today’s cars have this. What is it?

A. A bumper sticker


Q. 15% of us haven’t washed this item of clothing in the past six months. What is it?

A. Our bathrobe


Q. 21% of people wear this on a daily basis.. What is it??

A. A Fitbit


Q. 75% of us use this at least once a day. What is it?

A. Google