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The Latest Question:

65% of these have been around for 50 years or more. What are they?


Candy bar brands


More Recent Questions:

Q. 1 in 3 men will do this in their lifetime, the average age they do it is 31. What is it?

A. Get a divorce


Q. 40% of people have cut a vacation short for this reason.  What?

A. To beat the traffic


Q. A survey asked kids under the age of 11 to name the best things about being a kid, Number 2 on the list was

having parents to love and take care of you. What was #1?

A. Christmas presents!


Q. Almost all of us have it at home, only 40% of us use it. What is it?

A. Dental floss


Q. 40 million Americans wear these everyday and 2/3’s are women. What are they?

A. Contact lenses