Brain Buzz

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The Latest Question:

According to a survey, 46% of us have one of these in our car. What is it?


A mask


More Recent Questions:

Q.  By the time they’re 23, just 1/3 of Americans have done this…what is it?

A. Gotten arrested


Q. Since the pandemic started, 55% of Americans say they are suffering from this…what is it?

A. Cooking fatigue


Q. We consumers view brands and products 20% more positively when this happens…what is it?

A. When we see them in a movie or TV show


Q. 13% of NFL fans say they will be doing this during the 2020 season…what is it?

A. Betting on a game


Q. 17% of new teen drivers say this causes them the most anxiety behind the wheel. What is it?

A. Going through the drive-thru