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Every weekday morning at 7:40, Laura Daniels tries to stump you with random trivia for great prizes!

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When it comes to waiting tables, a server who does THIS will increase their tip by an average of 18%. 


Draw a smiley face on the check!

Recent Questions

Q: In a survey, 48% of women agree that a man should never wear this to work.

A: Shorts

Q: There are 28 of these in the White House.

A: Fireplaces

Q: In a new survey, 4 out of 5 women say that doing this on a date makes you a true gentleman.

A: Turning off your cell phone

Q: When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, 30% of us would be ok with AI choosing THIS for us.

A: Our clothes

Q: 50% of women refuse to get rid of these even though they don’t use it anymore.

A: Their wedding dress