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Every weekday morning at 7:40, Laura Daniels tries to stump you with random trivia for great prizes!

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A whopping 49% of us prefer to have these plain, as they are.


French fries (no ketchup, no malt vinegar, etc.)

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Q: Another reason we have so much stuff! 65% of us keep THESE to pass down to our kids/grandkids.

A: Old toys

Q: We sometimes know this about other people, but only 49% of us know THIS about ourselves.

A: Our blood type

Q: We’ll get about 400 of THESE during our lifetime… what is it?

A: A paper cut

Q: Most of us have one, some of us have none, but 4% of us have TWO. What is it?

A: A middle name

Q: A study found doing THIS can actually make you better at playing video games!

A: Exercising