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A recent poll found 39% of us completely avoid this because it’s too stressful.


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Q: 36% of single people say they always do this before a date.

A: Have a drink

Q: On average, American’s eat 20lbs of this every year. 

A: Ice cream

Q: According to the NY Post, 75% of Americans will do this at least one time this Summer

A: Go on a road trip

Q: In honor of our heat wave, what was the first pool toy ever invented?

A: Floaties (AKA Swimmies or Pool Wings), invented in 1907 when more schools required swimming be taught in Phys Ed

Q: 92% of us have at least one kind of this in our fridge right now.

A: Cheese

Q: 54% of men admit they do this in the kitchen when no one’s around.

A: Drink something straight from the container

Q: 63% of dads say this is their go-to tool for a quick repair.

A: Duct tape

Q: One out of four of us would change this about ourselves if we could.

A: Eye color

Q: About 53% of us had one of these of our own while growing up.

A: Bedroom

Q: A recent poll shows 14% of us think people say this too much…but 46% of us think people don’t say it enough.

A: Sorry

Q: Canada has more of these than any other country in the world.

A: Lakes

Q: Most people assume it’s something only women do, but 39% of men also hang onto this.

A: Clothes that don’t fit (hoping they’ll lose weight to fit into again!)

Q: A survey found that this causes people to panic about 3 times a month.

A: Having nothing to wear

Q: 73% of families say this is the number one way to keep kids happy during a road trip.

A: Snacks!

Q: 75% of us say we always do this right before leaving for vacation.

A: Clean the house

Q: This is the world’s best-selling musical instrument.

A: Harmonica

Q: Because of the rise in price, 78% of us now consider THIS a luxury.

A: Fast food

Q: Three out of four of us have one of these, but about half of them don’t even work.

A: A flashlight

Q: 16% of us say we take more photos of this person than any other person.

A: Ourselves!

Q: One in four of us say THIS is more stressful than landing a plane in an emergency.

A: Moving

Q: Seven out of ten of us say you should disclose THIS in your dating profile right away.

A: If you have pets

Q: In a recent poll, 43% of us say we’ve never gotten this back after loaning it to a friend or family member.

A: Money

Q: 51% of us say we want this to happen while we get a haircut.

A: Small talk / chit chat

Q: On average, we eat 36% more calories than normal when visiting this place.

A: Movie theater

Q: Research shows that given the chance to either join a group doing this or walking away from it, 90% would chose to join. What is it?

A: Gossiping (so we’re not the target of the conversation)

Q: 62% of women say doing this is worse than childbirth.

A: Shopping for bathing suits.

Q: According to a new poll, the #1 thing the “perfect hotel” must have is this.

A: Fast wi-fi

Q: You’ve already beaten these odds today. There’s a 2 in one million chance this will cause your death.

A: Falling out of bed

Q: Most parents say THIS is the worst example we set for our kids.

A: Swearing in front of them

Q: A recent study found that people who play this game live five years longer than those who don’t.

A: Golf

Q: 43% of us say this is the nicest thing someone can say about our home.

A: That it smells good

Q: When asked what food instantly improves our mood, the top answer was this.

A: Tacos!

Q: Three out of four men don’t know when THIS is.

A: Mother’s Day (FYI, this year, it’s May 12th)

Q: 59% of HR professionals say when you go for an interview, you should definitely make sure this is neat and clean.

A: Your fingernails

Q: Amen to this one! 65% of adults say they usually want to do this before noon.

A: Take a nap!

Q: Almost HALF of us say we’ve had to skip an outdoor activity in the last year because of this.

A: Allergies

Q: Research shows that couples with this have closer relationships, are more satisfied in their marriages and respond better to stress.

A: A dog!

Q: I could never do this, but 37% of us do this when brushing our teeth.

A: Use hot water

Q: Interesting! 91% of singles believe they’re more likely to fall in love with someone who has done this, versus someone who hasn’t.

A: Registered to vote!

Q: According to a recent survey, 20% of us say we always think about this while we’re on vacation.

A: Our next vacation!

Q: This is hard to believe, but 4% of us claim they’ve never had one of these.

A: A headache

Q: Americans throw away up to $68 MILLION in THIS every year.

A: Coins

Q: A new study shows that over 40% of Americans don’t know what this important plan is.

A: a 401(k)

Q: Shirts and robes top the list, but 7% of women say they like to borrow this from their man.

A: Their underwear

Q: A recent poll says 4% of Americans buy this every single day.

A: A lottery ticket

Q: I was REALLY surprised this number was so high…14% of married women say this has happened at their wedding.

A: Someone objected to the marriage (after “speak now or forever hold your peace”)

Q: 43% of us say we spend more time avoiding doing this than it does to just get it out of the way.

A: Doing our taxes

Q: It’s definitely true for me…on average, you’ll spend an extra $26 if you do this.

A: Shop while hungry

Q: In this country, we eat enough of these in a year to fill almost 900 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

A: Grilled cheese sandwiches

Q: A whopping 70% of men reported finding a woman more attractive if she was into this.

A: Golfing or watching golf

Q: This is a bit higher than I thought it would be, but 53% of gym-goers say they regularly do this.

A: Wear their gym clothes more than once before washing

Q: When it comes to table manners…60% of people between 12 and 27 say THIS is no longer considered a no-no.

A: Elbows on the table

Q: It’s dangerous, but 13% of dog owners admit they let their dog do this.

A: Sit on their lap while driving

Q: About a quarter of us say we’re embarrassed when this is left open.

A: Their garage door!

Q: 25% of us are wearing this right now…but 8% say they NEVER do.

A: A pair of jeans!

Q: A recent poll found 51% of us consider this to be part of the family.

A: Their vehicle

Q: When it comes to a movie theater experience, 46% of us have done this.

A: Walked out out of a movie before it ended.

Q: Doctors say crayons are the number one thing kids shove up their nose. What’s number two?

A: French fries

Q: Some places don’t allow it, but 77% of us say adults should ALWAYS be able to do this.

A: Order off the kids menu

Q: Chances are if you didn’t outgrow this as a child, it’ll stick with you for life.

A: Having allergies

Q: When asked if you could give up one chore for the rest of your life, this was the number one answer.

A: Cleaning the toilet

Q: This was surprising…when it comes to our next door neighbors, 21% of us don’t know this about them.

A: Their first name

Q: Researchers found that just GLANCING at this actually slows your brain down by over 20%.

A: Your cell phone

Q: For some strange reason, purchases of THIS dropped by a third during the pandemic, but never came back to pre-pandemic numbers like most other items.

A: Chewing gum

Q: This temporary condition tends to get worse in your 30s and keeps getting worse as you age after that.

A: Hangovers!

Q: 36% of us, particularly women, say this is the best solution to an argument.

A: The silent treatment.

Q: 14% of drivers have one right now…but 32% of us say we’ve never had one, and never want one.

A: A vanity license plate

Q: Women are more likely than men to do this while giving bad news.

A: Smile

Q: About one third of us, both male and female, say this is the least attractive body part on our partner.

A: Feet!

Q: People with this trait require about 20% more anesthesia than others because the gene mutation affects pain tolerance

A: Having red hair

Q: The average woman does this 62 times a day, and the average man only does it 8 times a day.

A: Smile!

Q: 72% of parents say they secretly do this when their kids aren’t looking. 

A: Playing with their kids’ toys

Q: A new study found men are 5% more likely than women to do this within the first 5 years of marriage.

A: Gain weight / let themselves go

Q: This was surprising to me: this profession logs the greatest number of steps over the course of a year.

A: Police officers

Q: Psychologists found that this is most likely to happen between 6pm and 8pm.

A: Family arguments

Q: 41% of us do this in a public bathroom.

A: Flush with our foot

Q: This is the number one topic of discussion parents try to hide from their kids.

A: How babies are made!

Q: When it comes to work, 3/4 of us wish this happened every day.

A: That we got paid every day.

Q: The average person first picks a favorite type of THIS around age 11 and tends to stick with it forever.

A: Candy!

Q: The average American spends about 1,000 hours a year here.

A: The kitchen

Q: Only 14% of brides do this once they’re married.

A: Keep their last name

Q: 54% of us say the last time we did this at a store was over a year ago.

A: Write a check

Q: 1 in 5 of us only have ONE of these, even though we should have many more than that.

A: Passwords

Q: People say this is the number one thing they wish they could write-off on their taxes.

A: Coffee

Q: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it’s not always about physical appearance. 40% of people say this is an attractive trait for their partner to have.

A: Having a savings account.

Q: Research has found that children who regularly do this on a daily basis had significantly higher IQ test scores.

A: Eat breakfast

Q: 54% of Gen Z (age 18 – 27) say the stress of doing this has brought them to tears.

A: Doing taxes

Q: 77% of us say this is the number on thing that is never ok during a work zoom or video call.

A: Having the TV on

Q: Across the globe, 14% of us say we’re addicted to this.

A: Ice cream

Q: A recent study shows Americans purchase 2 billion of these each year, and not a single one will be recycled.

A: Disposable razors

Q: In your lifetime, you’ll spend about 6 months waiting for this.

A: A green light!

Q: Of people aged 25 to 40, 35% of them admit they do this at night, but 33% of them also say it could be a deal breaker if their partner did it.

A: Eat in bed

Q: One in five of us will do this for Valentine’s Day.

A: Buy ourselves a gift

Q: Only 15% of American companies offer this benefit, and 80% of their employees love it.

A: Pet insurance

Q: A national survey shows that the average adult hasn’t done this outdoor activity in over nine years.

A: Ride a bike

Q: About 11% of us say we’ve sustained an injury doing this common thing.

A: Taking a selfie

Q: A new poll says 68% employees PREFER to do this on their lunch break.

A: Eat at their desk.

Q: Over 25% of Americans do this at least once every year, making it a $4 billion business.

A: Go bowling

Q: 64 percent of Americans admit to doing this right after taking off for vacation.

A: Call in sick

Q: There are 1.13 BILLION of these, but only 200 million are actually active.

A: Websites

Q: In a recent poll, 65% of us say one of these will ruin an entire day.

A: A bad night’s sleep

Q: 1 in 7 people have requested THIS at a drive-thru, what is it?

A: A treat for their dog

Q: A new study reveals the average person stops doing this at age 33.

A: Have birthday parties

Q: The average American has 3 of these, even though you only need one.

A: Pillows

Q: In 2022 The United States used these almost 3-times more than any other country.

A: QR Codes

Q: In 2023, online searches for THIS reached an all-time high.

A: Sleep

Q: On average, the oldest item you’ll find in someone’s fridge is Salad Dressing. What’s #2?

A: Baking soda

Q: A recent survey asked people what was the oldest item they used on a daily basis. What was #3?

A: A watch

Q: Since 2019, this hobby has grown in the US by 16%.

A: Birdwatching

Q: Despite major advances in the industry, there are still over 800,000 of these in use in this country right now.

A: Pagers

Q: Over a third of us (34%) say it’s easier to improve our relationships or careers than it is to improve this.

A: Our diet

Q: We’re almost twice as likely to do this on a Friday than any other day of the week.

A: Have dessert

Q: It could save a couple bucks in the long run, but less than 10% of us still do this.

A: Hang clothes out to dry

Q: Almost half of us say wearing this instantly makes you look more attractive.

A: Sunglasses

Q: Bloomberg reports sales of THIS are up 23% when compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

A: Over-the-counter cough & cold medicine

Q: Las Vegas is expecting a record number of THESE on New Years Eve.  What is it?

A: Weddings, because of the specialty date 12/31/23 (1-2-3-1-2-3)

Q: This happens to 10% of all holiday gifts.  What is it?

A: They’re returned

Q: 77% of Americans no longer buy THIS as part of their Christmas decorations.  What is it?

A: A real Christmas tree

Q: During 2023, Grub Hub says THIS individual item had the largest increase at 89%.

A: A pickle

Q: Almost 70% of us say we’ve never done this holiday activity.

A: Gone caroling

Q: Chances are you’ll spend more money while shopping if you do THIS first

A: Have coffee

Q: I don’t know how they do it but 6% of people in a recent poll say they do THIS multiple times a day.

A: Nap!

Q: Most women say they can get this done in less than 10 minutes.

A: Their makeup

Q: 13% of adults say they always use this when watching TV. 

A: Closed captioning