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The Latest Question:

31% of us have been doing this more than we normally do the last couple of weeks. What is it?


Calling loved ones




More Recent Questions:

Q. The Corona virus outbreak has led to a comeback of this technology. What is it?

A. The phone, instead of texting, many people are calling to ‘talk’ to each other


Q. 24% of Americans have purchased this Corona virus supply. What?

A. Alcohol…adult beverage alcohol


Q. There are only three of these in America, but 55% of people have seen one in person. What are they?

A. Goodyear blimp


Q. Americans will toss about 145 million of these into landfills this year. What are they?

A. Cell phones


Q. Americans are outgrowing this area of our homes. Which area?

A. Garage


Q. 12% of people say when they get sick they do this to help them feel better. What is it?

A. Call their Mom