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Every weekday morning at 7:40, Laura Daniels tries to stump you with random trivia for great prizes!

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I know I haven’t…57% of us have not changed this in over 3 years.


Voicemail greeting

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Q: One-quarter of newlyweds say they didn’t know THIS about their spouse when they married them.

A: Their salary

Q: The most popular “how-to” video in YouTube history is how to do THIS.

A: How to boil an egg

Q: A recent survey says this scent makes us more relaxed and happy.

A: Fresh cut grass (unless you have allergies, in which case it makes you agitated and angry!)

Q: In the 70s, about 97% of us did this right when we got home from work. Today, that number is 45%. What is it?

A: Check the mail

Q: The average American is 14 years and 8 months old the first time they do this.

A: Drink coffee