Weird Work in WNY, Episode 2: AoN [VIDEO]

When’s the last time you were chatting with a stranger and asked what they did for a living…and they said they were a “penguin keeper” in WNY? How about an “aquarist”? (Full disclosure, I didn’t know that was even a word!)

There aren’t many of us who wake up every morning knowing we’re going to hang with over a dozen penguins, exotic invertebrates & reptiles and, essentially, the dogs of the ocean…but these guys sure do!

In this episode, I find out what it’s like to be in these really unique roles, right here in Western New York. We visited The Aquarium of Niagara to get a peek behind the curtain.

By the way, did you hear the Aquarium is expanding? Check this story out!

While their jobs are SUPER cool, it’s not all fun & games: these ladies spend a great deal of their day cleaning (it was IMMACULATE!) various enclosures, prep areas and exhibits to be sure the animals are in the best possible conditions. It’s all worth it though…they clearly adore the animals, and their unique careers!

(I also love to see their job titles on their business card…you don’t see these every day!)

Here you’ll meet:

  • Abigail Pietrow, Penguin Keeper
  • Tiffany Green, Interpretive Educator
  • Emily Began, Aquarist
  • Samantha Brownstein, Marine Mammal Trainer
Aquarium of Niagara, Niagara Falls, NY

Do YOU have a unique job that not many people are aware of? Maybe one that some don’t even know existed? You could be in my next episode! Just email me with the details, and I may be contacting you!

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