Weird Work in WNY, Episode 1: General Mills

We all know our city smells like Cheerios…but not many of us can say we make cereal for a living!

For my first stop in a new series called “Weird Work in WNY“, I had to go to the Scent-Capital-Of-The-City, General Mills.

First up, my interview with Chief Cheerio, Andy Malin. (Andy’s “real” title is Plant Manager, but naturally I had to give him a silly one.)

P.S. I’m FULLY aware that I am no Martin Scorsese; I hope you’ll forgive me in advance. 😉

Laura Daniels, Andy Malin

And here’s a little more of the behind-the-scenes action from the warehouse…which was about as big as a small city!

“Back of House” at General Mills, Buffalo

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