Buffalo’s Matt Wilson Wows American Idol Judges

Did you catch American Idol last night (Sunday, February 26)? WOW. Just wow.

In case you missed it, Matt Wilson spent some time on the show, talking about growing up in Buffalo, attending a local performing arts school, and how his faith has helped him pursue his “purpose in life”. He even gave us a taste of his audition song. Hear the full interview here.

Last night, the entire world got to know more of Matt’s story…and his incredible voice.

Matt Wilson wows the judges (2/26/23).

Not only did he give Luke Bryan goosebumps and prompt a standing ovation from all three judges…but Matt also received high praise from the celebs on Twitter:

Now that we know Matt’s going to Hollywood, we can’t wait to see what’s next! Another BIG congrats, Matt!