Win $1000 for a new Man Cave or She Shed

Tim Allen is back with “Last Man Standing”, Fridays at 8 on Fox 29!  Answer these questions about the show and you could win $1000 for a new Man Cave or She Shed!

Congratulations to Michael E. of West Seneca, our grand prize winner!

Answer these questions based on the November 2 episode (correct answers below in bold):

1. What breakfast food is Mike Baxter talking to?

A)   Waffle

B)   Bacon

C)   Cereal

2. What are they drinking in Ed’s office

A)     Margaritas

B)      Saki Bombs

C)      Fuzzy Navels

3. The Baxter’s are thinking of taking in a boarder.  Is it?

A)     Foreign Exchange Student

B)      Homeless Man

C)      Democratic Councilman


Official Rules