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The Latest Question:

A new study says the average American can only stick with this for 16 months. What is it?


A new hobby


Sherry Lockwood of Wyoming


More Recent Questions:

Q. 87% of people say they have gone through this process at some point. What is it?

A. Decluttering


Q. This may be part of your week, the idea originated in Hawaii. What is it?

A. Casual Fridays


Q. There are about 1,800 of these in the world right now, and they’re moving. What are they?

A. Thunderstorms


Q. Moms are 40% more likely to do this to their kids than dads. What is it?

A. Steal from their piggy bank


Q. 20% of people asked said this is the scariest movie scene ever. What is it?

A. The Shining”…. Jack Nicholson coming thru the door….Here’s Johnny!


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