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The Latest Question:

60% of people in a survey said parenting would be more difficult without this. What is it?


Wet wipes


No winner today

More Recent Questions:

Q. A  new study finds that you can lower blood pressure enhance your immune system and have less anxiety by doing this. What is it?

A. Falling in love


Q. The average person will spend almost 100 thousand dollars on this during their life. What is it?

A. Christmas


Q. The top 10 travel issues are #1 delayed flights, #2 forgetting something. What is #3 on the list?

A. Sitting by someone annoying


Q. Women who do online dating are almost 20% less likely to read a message from a guy who starts his greeting with this one word. What is it?

A. Howdy


Q. This traditionally has been a fashion no-no, but not any longer. Fashion experts now say it’s acceptable. What is it?

A. Wearing socks with sandals


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