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About 1.5 billion are eaten during the spring. What are they?




Joe Loveland Of Amherst

More Recent Questions:

Q. One in eleven women do this before weighing themselves. What is it?

A. Take off their jewelry


Q. They’re a common sight in America, but  26% of people have never been inside one. What are they?

A. Airplane


Q. Four out of every ten kids will get their first one before their fourth birthday. What is it?

A. Cavity


Q. A new survey compiled a list of the most common childhood memories. #1 on the list was Christmas with your family. What was #2 on that list?

A. Going to the beach


Q. The first one of these came out in 1950. They are all about the same size. What are they?

A. Credit cards (Diners Club was the first)

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