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The Latest Question:

A new survey found the average person has about 7 big regrets, and they spend about an hour each day thinking about them. What is number one on the list of biggest regrets?


Worrying too much


Sandy Crites of Lakeview

More Recent Questions:

Q. About 800 million dollars worth of these are stolen wold wide every year. What are they?

A. Shopping carts


Q. 65% of people really enjoy going to BLANK,while 4% of people insist they hate it. What is it?

A. Picnic


Q. Almost 40% of parents say, even if it’s bad they’ll do this anyway. What?

A. Buy the picture of their child with Santa


Q. Couples who have been married at least 10 years fight about this more than anything else. What is it?

A. What TV shows to watch


Q. A new poll found the top 10 Secret Santa gifts people actually want, #1 on the list is alcohol.  What is #2?

A. Chocolate


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