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The Latest Question:

98% of people say this is the worst food to eat while driving.  What is it?




Patti Organisciak of Tonawanda

More Recent Questions:

Q. This is the most popular tattoo for women over the age of 40.  What is it?

A. A rose


Q. The average cost of this is $149 and a person will get around six of them over the course of their life.  What is it?

A. Speeding ticket


Q. 56% of people say a sign of true love is knowing their partner’s What?

A. Phone PIN or Facebook password


Q. 14% of college freshman don’t know how to do this. What is it?

A. Boil an egg


Q. Americans do this more than citizens of any other country. On average, we do it 11 times in our life. What is it?

A. Move


Q. What were the top 3 things we resolved to do less of in 2019?

A. Eat less….complain less… and swear less

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