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The Latest Question

10% of us have a fear of wearing this…what is it?


Bowling shoes


Marty Bryniarski of Tonawanda

More Recent Questions:

Q. 52% of women say a “real man” shouldn’t be afraid of this.  What is it?

A. A spider


Q. 71% of us have one of these tucked away in storage.  What is it?

A. A high school yearbook


Q. The average woman owns 9.2 different _____.

A. Bottles of perfume


Q. Ten countries on earth have one of these. What is it?

A. Their own version of the TV show “The Office”


Q. The average person will eat 12,542 of these over their lifetime. What are they?

A. Slices of bread


Q. Almost everyone who’s gotten this, has thought about lying.. But a survey says only 7% have gone through with it and lied. Told a lie about what?

A. To get out of jury duty


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