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The Latest Question:

25% of us have been annoyed with a neighbor who does this. What is it?


Plays an instrument


Steve King from Cuba

More Recent Questions:

Q. People over 40 are more likely to have one of these in their home versus people under the age of 40. What is it?

A. A phone book


Q. America will waste 24 million of these today. What is it?

A. Slices of bread


A. 63% of us willingly do this but agree it’s the biggest waste of money. What is it?

A. Pay ATM fees


Q. One in 6 people with a tattoo have a tattoo of this.  What is it?

A. Their pet or pet’s name


Q. One in four kids say this is the worst thing about riding in the car with a parent. What is it?

A. The parent yelling at other cars


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