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34% of us say this is one of their favorite parts of Thanksgiving. What is it?


Time off


Steve Oravec of Angola


More Recent Questions:

Q. 60% of people between 25 and 45 still don’t feel like real “grown ups” according to a new survey. They compiled a list of youthful activities

they don’t want to let go of, #2 on the list is video games. What’s #1 on that list?

A. Going to concerts and festivals


Q. Most people say their limit on this is $500.00. What is it?

A. Lending money to family and friends


Q..73% of people find it annoying when their friends post pictures of this on social media. What it it?

A. Vacation pictures


Q. 82% of people say they’re more productive at work when they do this. What is it?

A. When they wear comfortable clothes


Q. 40% of people say this is the most important feature a car can have. What is it?

A. Multiple cup holders



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