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The Latest Question:

Sales of this traditional jewelry item were up 10% in 2018. What is it?


Traditional wristwatches


Rich Barney of Westfield

More Recent Questions:

Q. About 7,500 of these will be purchased in America this year but never used. What are they?

A. Marriage license


Q. The average one of these lasts about 30 years. What is it?

A. Coin….bills last around 18 months in circulation


Q. 8% of women have done this at more than one wedding. What is it?

A. Caught the bouquet


Q. For every person who attends an NBA game in America, 54 people attend one of tese games. What is it?

A. Bingo


Q. 22% of people admit they’ve done this at a party. What is it?

A. Double dipped

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