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The Latest Question:

A new survey had people name the worst things you can do on a first date and this is number one on the list. What is it?


Texting or talking too much on your phone


Linda Eneix of West Seneca

More Recent Questions:

Q. This happens to about 80% of Americans at least once a day, and it can be frustrating. What is it?

A. Technology issues


Q. Experts agree that men do this faster than women. What is it?

A. Lose weight


Q. 53% of people would change this about their life if they could go back in time and do something about it. What is it?

A. Change their college major


Q. We throw away 4 times as much of this as we did in 1980. What is it?

A. Clothes


Q. They finally stopped making this product in 2016. What is the product?

A. Blank tapes for the Sony Betamax

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