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Be A Winner On The Laura Daniels Show

The Laura Daniels Show

The Brain Buzz every weekday at 7:40am

Have fun with your best guess to a nearly-impossible question!

Think Fast every weekday starting at 8:30am

Answer five simple-but-rapid-fire questions before times runs out & win!

Laura’s Cast of Contests

  • Mystery Voice
    With three clues and a piece of audio, guess who the “Mystery Voice” is!
  • Way-Back-When
    Guess the year of three specific events !
  • Three’s Company
    List the three artists who make up the complete sentence played on air!
  • The Flip Flop
    Listen to a song clip played in reverse. Identify the correct title and artist to win!
  • Name the Baby
    I’ll play a short clip of a song that says the word “baby”. Correctly identify the title and artist to win!

Contest Rules