How Do You Spend the Day BEFORE St. Patrick’s Day? With St. Urho’s Day, of Course!

Buffalo is home to many noteworthy St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, including one of the largest parades in the country, and one of the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parades.

And of course, we are the proud home of the largest Dyngus Day celebrations, which often makes non-Buffalonians wonder if we’ve lost our minds. Who could forget the giggle heard around the world from Anderson Cooper covering our beloved holiday…

Anderson Cooper looses it over Dyngus Day

But before the corned beef and cabbage, before the pussywillows and squirt guns, there’s St. Urho’s Day, a day that honors the fictitious Finnish saint who chased grasshoppers out of Finland to protect the grape crops…for wine.

Finland, Minnesota is about 200 people strong…but today, thousands will flock to the small town to enjoy the St. Urho’s Day festivities.

I reached out to the authority on all things St. Urho’s Day, Honor Schauland, Director and Program Lead for the Friends of the Finland Community. Listen to the extended interview here:

St. Urho’s Day in Finland, MN

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