Holiday Venting is Just a Phone Call Away

This time of year can be a bit stressful, if not completely overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to vent, or get some things off your chest….but you might not feel comfortable sharing it with friends or family.

Enter: the warm line. Think of it this way:

A “cool line” could be considered a call to a close friend.

A “hotline” would be for an acute crisis.

A “warm line” falls somewhere in between.

The Erie County Warm Line is a free service for Western New York residents and beyond to call for a supportive ear in non-crisis situations. It is completely anonymous, confidential and no personal information is collected. No insurance is needed.

The Erie County Warm Line is administered by the New York State Office of Mental Health, and “Recovery Options” operates the warm line, with trained peers who can listen to you, and even provide more support and resources if necessary.

Erie County Warm Line: (844) 749-3848

Text Line: (716) 392-2221

Please note: “recovery” doesn’t just mean drug or alcohol issues; it’s an all-encompassing resource for those who may be triggered, whether due to trauma or circumstances, and everything in between.