Bills Mafia Message to Heaven

A Lake View man has paid tribute to his Bills-loving wife in a grand gesture to be enjoyed by many.

Mike Lips lost his wife, Sharon, to lung diseases in May. Like most Western New Yorkers, watching Bills games together was a relationship-long bonding experience, and when they would fly back into Buffalo from an adventure, they’d peek out the window to try to see the roof of their house, signaling they were almost home.

In an effort to quell the devastating grief, Mike decided to send a 35 x 20 foot message to Sharon up above by installing a giant “Bills Mafia” sign on the roof of his home. Further honoring her legacy, Mike is asking the Bills Mafia to donate to a GoFundMe campaign he’s set up to support two causes Sharon was passionate about: the Erie County SPCA and Buddy’s Second Chance.

And now, when you fly into Buffalo and peek out the plane’s window, you, too will know you’re close to home.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.