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Chuck Berry Releases New Album ‘Chuck’

Before passing back on March 18, Chuck Berry recorded what would be his last full length album.  His first album since 1979, ‘Chuck’ is a pretty short album (only 35 minutes in length) that is a tribute to his wife, Thelmetta Berry.  


While Chuck Berry’s energetic vocals and guitar riffs are at the heart of the album, the bright spots come from the guest musicians.  His daughter, Ingrid Berry, lends her vocals on the slow, emotional song ‘Darlin’.  While his son and grandson, Charles Berry Jr. and Charles Berry III, provide beautiful bluesy guitar riffs throughout the whole album.  Gary Clark Jr, who will be playing Canalside on June 15th, also adds his own guitar style on the song ‘Wonderful Woman’.  This album is a family affair that really leaves the listener wondering how a 90-year-old can still have the energy of a 20-year-old rockstar. ‘Chuck’ is a perfect final album to an illustrious career.


Chuck Berry passed away on March 18, 2017 and his funeral included his famous cherry-red guitar attached to his coffin.  Flower arrangements were sent by the Rolling Stones while Gene Simmons of Kiss gave an unplanned eulogy.  St. Louis, Berry’s hometown, held a mass toast at 10pm the night before the funeral to honor the legendary guitarist.  

Mark Goodwin, Music Correspondent 


‘Chuck’ Track Listing

“Wonderful Woman”

“Big Boys”

“You Go to My Head”

“3/4 Time (Enchiladas)”


“Lady B. Goode”

“She Still Loves You”

“Jamaica Moon”


“Eyes of Man”