North Buffalo’s Blanketed Pumpkin Bandit

As if this time of year isn’t creepy enough, now there’s THIS.


Gone are the days of unseen pumpkin-snatchers. A doorbell camera in North Buffalo caught this cloaked creep stealing pumpkins right off the porch.

Apparently the hooded hooligan has been grabbing gourds and even sneaking around the yards, checking for more cameras (and maybe more pumpkins).

Still, no thanks.

As I mentioned on the show, I’m TERRIFIED of adults dressed up for Halloween, when I can’t see their faces. So thanks, pumpkin guy or girl, you’ve now officially invaded my nightmares…and my soul.

Do YOU live in North Buffalo? Have you seen anyone matching these images?

How would YOU handle it if you saw this on your door cam??

Sorry, nobody here by that name. BYE.